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Proposed Alternative to National Duals

Story Published Thursday, November 1st, 2012

create another TV worthy event
make team aspect of dual meets more important
generate revenue
reward a National Dual Team Champion

Note: this proposal is not to replace our current NCAA Championship. The current NCAA Championship is the crown jewel of college wrestling and we don’t want to messing with it. This proposal is simple. It takes a weekend that we are already wrestling duals and uses these duals to hit our objectives.

Dual Series

Quick overview:

We predetermine 8 B1G Conference sites based on attendance histories as part of a Championship Dual Series. After regular season and conference duals are completed, the Championships duals are assigned to a school. The winners of their conferences are also assigned to a site. The teams wrestle a “championship dual series.” The top dual will feature whoever wins the B1G Conference and the highest ranked conference champion from the other conferences. In football, teams are “assigned” to bowls. In this proposal, the bowl (dual) would be assigned to a team.


8 Predetermined Sites based on home attendance histories. We need ticket sales to guarantee revenue and cover expenses of last minute travel. The sites would change each year based the previous year’s attendance figures. (We could have more sites and more teams involved but based on attendance histories it doesn’t look like they will generate revenue. We could grow and add more each year based off of success.)

The sites are B1G schools (this is not ideal but I think works best after playing with other scenarios

Iowa, Minnesota, Penn State, Ohio State, Nebraska, Michigan, Illinois, Northwestern , Michigan State, Purdue, Indiana, Wisconsin (the bottom three of the 8 would likely rotate annually and add incentive to grow attendance.

Troubleshooting: If we gave the sites to the top 8 attendance bases nationwide instead of just B1G we would likely not have the same big time match ups in the Championship Dual Series. Attendance figures are usually centered on competitiveness of teams. If we give the sites to all of the biggest attendance bases we would not have a real competitive Championship Dual Series. If the top two teams are from the B1G Conference, it does not matter, the regular season conference dual champion hosts the “the National Champions Dual.” One the same token if the two top teams are outside the B1G Conference, again it doesn’t matter, that is the risk but the whole system works better. Also this eliminates top teams in the same conference from re-wrestling a dual for the dual championship. This puts more emphasis on regular season duals.

We sell each of 8 Dual Championships to Sponsors. We would sell the top dual as the “Championship Dual” and the dual featuring the B1G runner-up as the “bronze medal dual” .The sponsorships prices would be based on the dual sold. All duals will feature a conference champion vs. a top8 B1G team. It would be a big deal for sponsors to get the championship dual named after them, especially when it is on TV.

For example, it would be known that the “Asics Bowl” will be the national dual championship just like the Tostitos Bowl or whatever it is in football.

The Bowl names will be awarded after our conference dual seasons end and would look something like this.
Championship Dual Series

(#1 Dual “Asics Bowl”) B1G #1 vs. EIWA #1 (or Big 12 #1 or who is non B1G team ranked the championship

(#2 Dual “K-Mart Bowl”) B1G #2 vs. Big 12 #1
(#3 Dual “Flo Bowl”) B1G #3 vs. PAC 12 #1
(#4 Dual “Undefeated Cookie Bowl) B1G #4 vs. MAC #1
(#5 Dual “Black & Decker Bowl”) B1G #5 vs. ACC #1
(#6 Dual “Home Depot Bowl) B1G #6 vs. Southern Conference #1
(#7 Dual “Lamisil Bowl”) B1G #7 vs. EWL #1
(#8 Dual “Target Bowl”) B1G #8 vs. WWC #1
Etc., etc.

So each conference champion (make duals more important) is invited to a bowl.

-Each bowl is at a place that has a big crowd so there will be revenue sharing between the two schools involved.

-we know where bowls will be we just don’t know which one will be where…exciting. The bigger the bowl the more the money, more fun for fans. This way we advertise on our schedules months in advance.

-we secure television for the big bowls and as many as possible, I assume B1G Network has first right of refusal but I don’t see why ESPN, PAC 10 (the dual with their champion) etc

-we would need to wrestle conference duals earlier if possible so we could establish who has what dual and what teams would be traveling to our schools to save money. Knock out 3-4 conference duals before Christmas.

- have the Championship Dual Series two weeks before the B1G Championships

We get sponsors, especially if on TV, make money and share with the teams invited so winning their conferences is a bigger deal.

This proposal attempts to solve all of our objectives by simply adding one more dual each season. That is better for the welfare of student-athletes and will help our sport’s concerning APR scores.

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