Mysterious Secrets

Published February 17th, 2011 by Cael Sanderson

I have been getting a lot of questions asking for advice as the post season draws near.  The best advice I can give, is to simply remind you that the fundamentals win big matches.  There are no mysterious secrets.  It’s easy to think that something magical is responsible for success this time of the year.  It’s not.  Tricks don’t win big matches (not consistently.)  Lucky rabbit’s feet don’t win big matches.  A nice fake-bake tan doesn’t win matches (but does look good!)   

Attitude wins big matches.  Determination, focus and fun are the keys.

Choose to win and attack.  You’d be surprised how what you choose to do down deep in your heart actually comes true.  If you choose to hustle and fight you will.  If you choose to get beat because your opponent is too good…you will.  Choose to win and you will.


Self-explanatory- be determined.  Be determined to wrestle the match where and how you need to .    Fight! Wrestle in your strong areas.   Control the tie up.   If it’s not your position, your opponent probably likes it.  Get the heck out of there now and back to where you want to be.  Refuse to not be successful.  Don’t take “no” for answer.  If your opponent stops your first 10 shots, get it on the 11th.  If your set ups aren’t working, set up your set ups.  Do whatever it takes out there.  Big things come from doing the best that you can with the little things.  Be determined to take care of the little things. Hustle.  If you make a mistake, hustle to make up for it.  Hustle is often the difference between two evenly matched opponents.


Focus and discipline go hand in hand.  Take care of yourself.  Get plenty of sleep.  Don’t entertain negative thoughts, no matter how tempting it is.  That’s discipline.  Negative thoughts are just like harmful drugs.  Someone can offer you the drugs, and you say “no thanks.”  That’s exactly how it should work with negative thoughts.  When one pops in your head, you say “no thanks.”  Same thing.

Be disciplined. Do the little things that others are unwilling to do or rationalize that it’s not important.  Much of the time discipline is not doing something, or sacrificing something.

 Focus on what you can control.  Stay focused on your game plan in throughout the match.  Stay focused even if something doesn’t go as planned.  Stay focused and determined.  Find the “eye of the hurricane” and stay there.  No matter what’s going on around you, you stay calm and focused in your own bubble.   A lot of things, people, distractions, obstacles etc will try to steal your focus.  Say “no thanks” and keep your poised focus on what you want.

The ability to stay focused on the process (the small steps that make things work) in stressful times is a cornerstone of a “gamer.”  Nothing magical.  Hold on…the discipline to keep a narrow focus is magical and will bring optimal results.

Have Fun

What’s more fun than chasing dreams and attacking goals?  Nothing.  It’s all about perspective and seeing the truth.   We are all natural competitors. We compete every day for all sorts of things.  It’s a challenge to be the best that you can be, and be better then everyone else.  Go see who the best is.  You might not enjoy the pressure that you feel.  You might not like what you have imagined the consequences of losing to be. That stuff is make-believe. Don’t confuse it with your actual competition.  Don’t let it blur the truth. You enjoy wrestling and you enjoy winning.  Remember and focus on that.  You have not won your next match.  Go get it and enjoy the challenge. You mean all I have to do is score more points than my opponent and I win?…..yep..that’s it!

Determination  -  Focus   -  Fun