Mongoose Style

Published December 7th, 2014 by Cael Sanderson

Mongoose Style


The cobra is the most feared snake on the planet.  Why does the mongoose choose to hunt, fight, kill and eat cobras? There are obviously much easier and much safer meals to be found.  A mongoose could make a fine living eating insects, frogs, mice, dead animals and less dangerous snakes.   So why does the mongoose choose to hunt cobras? The answer is simple... Because the Mongoose WANTS TO.  In fact, the mongoose delights in the challenge of its favorite prey.


So how does the mongoose kill the cobra so efficiently? 


Through a consistent and clear plan of attack that involves clarity of purpose, utilizing talents, determination, hustle, intimidation, and making the cobra fight mongoose style. 


What is "mongoose style?"


First thing is attitude and clarity of purpose.  The mongoose comes in ready to scrap.  It puffs it's hair up to look bigger than it actually is to intimidate the cobra but also to make itself more difficult to bite.  The cobra in its desperate strikes will often get just a mouthful of hair.   The mongoose comes in with swagger in its step and the cobra quickly realizes that the mongoose is not only unafraid but that it also enjoys the fight.  The cobra knows that it is the prey.


As the fight begins the mongoose constantly circles the tail of the snake.  The mongoose's motion drives the fight (and the snake) where it can anticipate the snake's strikes and quickly leap out of the way.  The mongoose’s motion and effort enables it to stay a step ahead of the snake's ability to plan. 


The mongoose is very efficient with aggressive defense.  The mongoose dances just out reach of the cobra's strikes.  It takes a lot of energy for the snake to launch himself for each strike.  The snake exhausts itself in its frantic attacks.  The snake would prefer to sit coiled up waiting to strike but the mongoose's consistent circling to its rear forces it out of its comfort zone and into the frantic attacks. 


As the cobra strikes, it gets extended and out of position leaving its head and neck flat on the ground.  This leaves the back of the neck exposed for a split second and that is when the mongoose counter strikes.   The mongoose kills the cobra by biting the back of its neck and crushing its vertebrae.


Often the mongoose will catch the cobra early in the fight with a nice counter attack but the majority last several minutes as the mongoose slows the snake down by wearing it out.


Then the mongoose drags the huge snake away and eats it head first.  The mongoose eats like a king.


The mongoose is so efficient because it has a clear purpose, a clear attack plan and it is disciplined to follow its plan and fight "mongoose style."


There is only one needed reason to reach your goals and one reason to be a national champion..


Why does the mongoose hunt cobras?