Keep Moving

Published March 24th, 2010 by Cael Sanderson

The NCAA tournament is over…now what? We prepare for next year’s NCAA tournament. Our team had more ups then downs but the downs always hurt. The point now is to move forward. To move forward we must closely study everything that has happened, both the good and the not so good. Learning is a continuous process.

We are doing things the right way and our day is coming. We will be relentless in our pursuit of being the best team in the NCAA. We will keep working hard. We will keep working smart and working on mastering the best technique in the world. We keep moving forward, we keep making progress and we will never become satisfied. We will recruit the right kinds of kids and we will do things the right way. We will take care the details that most people overlook. But bottomline, we will work. Nothing happens without work.

I have always been motivated by a deep hatred of losing. I am not afraid to lose, meaning I’m not going to coach our guys to avoid mistakes. We aren’t going to win if we aren’t making mistakes. There are two kinds of mistakes though. Positive mistakes and negative mistakes. Positive mistakes come from attacking an opportunity and it just not working out. That’s great, and that’s how you learn. Positive mistakes are a huge part of making progress. Negative mistakes come from a lack of effort, commitment or belief.

Winning comes from scoring points, wrestling harder, and using every second of the match to show our opponents that we want it more. We expect to win every time. We train to outscore and out hustle our opponents. That’s what we do. When you really hate to lose you make no excuses and look for no way to justify the loss. You don’t sugar-coat losses to make them feel better. Losses should hurt, and that pain should motivate you to work hard to get the results you want. Losses don’t change who you are, and are a tiny bleep in the big perspective of life and why we are here. But what we do with losses and how we bounce back, learn and move forward is the important thing.

The person we become, win or lose is the important thing. Sportsmanship, win or lose, is the important thing. the character that we compete with win or lose is the important thing.

I was taught to compete ferociously, and in a mean manner, but follow the rules, and win humbly and lose graciously. When you win you don’t need to rub it in the face of your opponent and when you lose you don’t need to run out of the arena to show everyone how mad you are. Expect to win, and hate to lose.

Penn State is on a mission to be the best program in the nation and to bring the NCAA team title back to Pennsylvania and the Northeast. We will never stop. Our feet will not stop moving and our effort will never fade. Here we come!