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Ask Cael: Nebraska will enter the Big 10 next year. Does that improve Big 10 wrestling? Why or why not? Thanks.

Story Published Wednesday, August 25th, 2010

name:                  Mark

question:              Nebraska will enter the Big 10 next year.  Does that improve Big 10 wrestling?  Why or why not?  Thanks.

Hello Mark, ¬†Nebraska is a very good team.¬† There addition to the conference just adds one more of the nation’s top teams to an already tough conference.¬† Adding one more team shouldn’t make too much of a difference.¬† My main concern with Nebraska joining the Big 10 didn’t have anything to do with the Big 10, my concern was where that would leave the Big 12.¬† With only 5 teams with wrestling, and now dropping to four that is kind of scary.¬† I don’t know how that will be addressed, but it certainly isn’t good for Big 12 Wrestling.¬† The Big 10 would be fine either way.¬† At one time I was hearing that Missouri and Nebraska would be joining the Big 10.¬† I’m glad that didn’t happen because it would have probably been the end of Big 12 Wrestling and that would be a terrible thing.¬† As far as the Big 10 goes, the only concern with adding more teams to an already large conference tournament is that it just adds to the wear and tear of our conference’s student-athletes a week and a half before the NCAA tournament.¬† That’s the only negative that I can potentially see.¬† ¬†The conference tournament is important and everyone takes a lot of pride in trying to be the best team but ultimately, everyone’s goal should be to win the NCAA championship.

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