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Ask Cael: Is it bad to go all out in practice the day before a match/tourament?

Story Published Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

Question from Jaime:  Is it bad to go all out in practice the day before a match/tourament?

No it is not bad to wrestle live the day before a match or tournament.  I prefer to go live the day before and I believe most people do.  Our team wrestles live the day before a match.  it is good to get your rate up and blow out your lungs.  The tricky part is how much.  As you get closer to competition, the amount of live wrestling and drilling should decrease but the intensity needs to be high.  Generally we do a match or two of live wrestling the day before.  It depends on the individual.  Some guys do more for their weight management.

Wrestle live but be controlled.  Don’t take wild risks or put yourself or your partner in dangerous positions.  Most injuries could be avoided with discipline to stay out of vulnerable positions.

Learn as you go.  The practice a day before a match as well as the warm up immediately before a match are important.  Experiment and learn each time until you get down what is going to help you be your very best for competition.  Practice is not just for drilling moves, it is for figuring out what’s going to help you get the best results in all aspects.  A few other things thats you should use practice to learn is what, how much and how long before practice you should eat it,  what to think, what you should do for your warm up for matches etc.  So experiment, learn and make progress in all areas.

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