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Ask Cael: I don’t feel at my best right now, and im scared… ill never tell anyone but states are in a month and i felt better when it was just summer wrestling. How do I get my head right?

Story Published Wednesday, January 27th, 2010

name: Cameron

question: It’s my senior year, I was a three sport varsity athlete. i quit baseball and football. During last spring during a baseball practice I couldnt stop thinking about wrestling. It’s all I wanted to do. I said to myself “I’m a state champion, I’m gonna do it” that very day I quit. I hit the room for hours in the summer anything and everything to do with wrestling I did. I made a commitment to myself to not be satisfied to strive, give everything. I’ve beat top ranked guys in the state all summer… its season now and I fell a little off track mentally for awhile but I know I’m mentally there again. States are in a months and for me to continue wrestling (in college) i have to win states bottom line, I don’t feel the confidence I felt this summer though, I knew I could beat anyone who stepped out on the mat with me, now I’ve began to question my ability as a wrestler even though I know im that good. Everyone has doubts, even you had to, what did you do with your doubts… how did you mentally put yourself above them? Honestly I don’t feel at my best right now, and im scared… ill never tell anyone but states are in a month and i felt better when it was just summer wrestling. How do I get my head right?

Doubts are common and everyone has them. The question is what do you do with them? Do you recycle those negative, doubtful thoughts again and again in your mind? Or, do recognize that doubts are just garbage and you put them where garbage belongs, in the trash.

Sport Psychologist Marty Martinez said it best, he said something like, “you aren’t always in control of the first thought that pops into your mind, but you are in control of the second thought.” That means YOU decide what to do with your negative thought. It is your choice.

It helps to have a programmed answer ready for the negative thoughts. I used to tell myself, “I am ready.” So every time a negative thought crept into my mind I quickly replaced it with my programmed response.

That is a game and a battle you fight until you are done competing.

Consider these facts. You are better now then you have ever been. You are more experienced now then you have ever been. You are more prepared then you ever have been.

With those facts, have fun and attack your goals.

Here are a couple good quotes for you:

“Our doubts are traitors,
And make us lose the good we oft might win,
By fearing to attempt.”
- William Shakespeare

“He who worries about calamities suffers them twice over.”
—Og Mandino

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