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Ask Cael: Hey Cael I’m from Wasatch I’ve been wrestling for 1 year and I took third at state but I think I could get better can you give me a few tips?

Story Published Tuesday, February 3rd, 2009

Question: Hey Cael I’m from Wasatch I’ve been wrestling for 1 year and I took third at state but I think I could get better can you give me a few tips? Thanks Cael

Hey Jordan, That is awesome to place third your first year, congratulations! It’s difficult to give specific tips without being around you every day and knowing more so I’ll give you some general but very important tips. First, work hard buddy. There is no way to reach your potential without hard work. enjoy the hard work, and enjoy the challenges. Remember these are your goals and only you can do what it takes for you to be successful. Second, listen to your coaches. Allow people to help you. Learn from other peoples successes and failures. Three, Believe in yourself. two keys to believe in yourself are to know that the goal is to do your very best. Know that and focus on that. and the second key is to be prepared. that’s where the discipline, hard work, listening to your coaches, sacrifices and everything else come into play. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing, you won’t believe in yourself if you are not prepared. You can’t fool yourself. know that you deserve to win. pay the price. Fourth, live the lifestyle of a champion. that means have a positive outlook on life. a great attitude is more powerful then anything. Surround yourself with friends that also have high goals. Eat and drink like a champion. take care of yourself. be consistent in all things, and do your best. do your best in school, wrestling, practice, the beginning of practice and the end of practice, at home, at your friends house, every where and at times live the life of a champion.


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