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Ask Cael: August 23rd, 2008

Story Published Monday, September 15th, 2008

Jeff from Terre Haute, IN: I was concerned when I saw that you wouldn’t be competing in the Olympics this year. You’re the best wrestler I’ve witnessed in my lifetime and the best of our era. I was just wondering why you decided against doing so?

Cael: “Jeff,

I appreciate the email. I was strongly considering competing this year but my commitment was to my responsibilities with the Iowa State wrestling program. When I took my dream job of head coach at Iowa State I knew I was choosing and accepting that I wouldn’t compete again myself. I know I didn’t wrestle freestyle long enough to ever compete at my greatest potential level and that sort of bothers me. But my goal was always to win a gold medal and after I did that I wanted to do what was best for my family which I feel was to coach. I absolutely love coaching at Iowa State. I considered doing both this year but I quickly learned that I couldn’t give both 100% and that was unacceptable. It felt a little weird following the Olympics this year knowing that physically I could still be competing, but I am at peace with the decision that I have made. I really appreciate your support.
Thank you!! Go USA!!
Cael “

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